Useful car assistance abbreviations

Useful car assistance abbreviations

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When buying cars, most drivers face a dilemma regarding the additional features and whether to invest extra money in new technologies of the modern car industry. In addition to a significant price difference between the basic and the upgraded feature package, which causes an extra dilemma regarding a certain model, the confusion is enhanced with hard to understand generally unknown abbreviations such as ABS, ASR, ASSYST, 4WD, EBV etc. In the following text, Total translates a portion of the “automobile slang” and helps you to “get to know” your vehicle.

New car technology, primarily the modern electronic features such as sensors, processors and smart devices serve to protect the driver and the fellow travelers and make the drive more safe and comfortable. All these assistants in the car can be divided into three categories – systems for assisting the starting and the braking of the car, ones assisting the dynamic of the vehicle movement and the ones that provide a comfortable travel.
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Systems for assisting the starting and the braking of the car 

  • ABS – Anti-lock braking system

This system helps braking and it makes sure the wheels don’t get blocked when braking with intensity. It shortens the braking distance and it helps you control the car safer and with more accuracy.

  • ASR – Anti Slip Regulation

This system allows starting and acceleration of the vehicle on slippery and loose surfaces, without wheel slipping, by reducing the engine power.

  • EBV – Electronic Brake Force Distribution

System which, when braking with the rear axis wheels, allows the intensity of the braking force depending of the load on the rear part of the vehicle. That allows for the better stability of the vehicle, shorter braking distance, and better maintenance of the direction.

  • DBC – Dynamic Brake Control

DBC actively helps the driver brake in dangerous situations. When rapidly pressing the brake pedal, the system, regardless of the pressure strength, makes the braking force big enough to make the maximal speed reduction in the shortest time possible, as well as the shortest braking distance possible.



Systems that help the dynamic of the vehicle movement

  • ESP – Electronic stability program

Thanks to the ESP the stability of the vehicle and the movement in the best manner possible in the desired direction are ensured. For example, when entering a turn too fast and the front part of the vehicle is slipping, ESP device will reduce the engine power, and if that is not enough, ESP will commence the rear wheel breaking in the inner trajectory of the curve for the vehicle to follow the curve itself.

  • 4WD – Four-wheel drive

The system which, when needed, allows for the initializing the four-wheel drive which ensures the good control of the car and better traction characteristics while driving in all weather conditions and on all surface types – snow and ice, sandy and muddy, steep, and slippery surfaces.

  • ACDIS – Active Distance Support

If you’re often stuck in traffic jams, ACDIS will be a huge help because it stops you from hitting the vehicle in front of you when you’re in the slow lane. The system functions by measuring the velocity of the vehicles and their distance and, if the distance is too small for the speed of the vehicle, the device lets off a gas and produces a sonic warning signal.

  • DISTRONIC – automatic sustainment of a safe distance by radar
When a radar measures the safety, distance is too small, the system tries to stop the vehicle and ensures that there is a safe distance considering the speed.
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Systems that provide a comfortable travel

  • ASSIST – Information Transfer Service

ASSIST connects mobile phones and the satnav, while utilizing the car’s display for showing information. This system is considered a great assistant in driving. For example, if the airbags are activated because of a crash, the ASSIST will call for help, send information about the vehicle location and contact the towing service automatically.

  • TIPTRONIC – transmission control

This system is useful with automatic transmission, for it allows the driver to downshift when driving in the hillside roads so the braking and speed reduction could be used optimally. It also allows prevention of unwanted gear upshift. The device also allows a better pull when driving uphill.

  • CRUISE CONTROL – system for sustaining speed

Thanks to this system, you can control your vehicle on the road with a uniform intensity of traffic or on the highway without touching the gas pedal. Therefore, if the car is moving 30 kmph, CRUISE CONTROL can be used to set the constant driving speed.

  • PA – parking assistance
A system which helps you park more precisely while driving backwards. Ultrasound sensors determine the distance from the obstacle with a centimeter precision. The driver is visually or sonically alarmed when the distance is too small.


Even though they are useful, the mentioned technological solutions cannot substitute the safety behind the wheel provided by the driver. Even if your car has the best feature pack, don’t overestimate its technical innovations and characteristics. Total wishes you a bon voyage!  


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