Car maintenance myth busting

Car maintenance myth busting

Nowadays owning a car is more of a necessity than a matter of prestige and many drivers in our country are not in the situation to change cars every five to six years. With this in mind, most car owners fear that their car will break and that it will cost a lot to repair the damage. For that reason, most of us are doing our best to keep our cars in the best possible condition. But here we have to be very careful about the source of information so as not to follow advice that is outdated or even completely wrong! It is not uncommon for some car owners overdo it with do-it-yourself activities and avoid going to a mechanic, even though there is a real need to do so. If you wish to be a conscientious car owner, being informed and aware of the importance of regular car servicing are essential. Moreover, keep in mind that proper car maintenance also means buying original car parts, high quality fuel and engine oil by world renowned brands.

In this infographic we are busting the ten most popular myths about car maintenance that we consider important.

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