Splošnih pogoji prodaje




These General Terms and Conditions of Sale (GTCS) apply to any sales made by TOTAL ADRIA (the Seller), unless otherwise agreed in writing or any special terms and conditions of sale amending or completing them apply. These GTCS shall fully and automatically prevail over all other provisions stipulated or referred to in any buyer’s documents, except with the express consent of the Seller.


The waiver by either party of a breach of any provisions of the GTCS shall not be construed as a waiver of any further breach of the same or other provisions.



The products are invoiced at the pricelist price + VAT, agreed at the time of the order duly accepted by the Seller (the Order).


Any price change resulting from legal or statutory amendments (taxes of any nature, change in transport prices, etc.) is immediately applied on the invoice if occurring prior to delivery of the products to the buyer.


For as long as the buyer has not placed its order, the Seller reserves the right to modify its products, their prices and their availability, without prior notice.



By placing an order under these GTCS, the buyer fully and unreservedly accepts them. The products delivery period shall be agreed for each Order.


As soon as the Seller accepts the Order, that Order shall commit the buyer to take possession of the products for the agreed quantities and within the agreed time, or else the Seller reserves the right to invoice to the buyer costs for the storage or the return of the products for a minimal amount of 250 euros, excluding VAT, per Order.


1.                  The transfer of risks from the Seller to the buyer shall take place at the point of delivery and in accordance with the applicable DDP Incoterms® 2010, as defined by the Seller and the buyer. Otherwise, products shall be dispatched at the buyer’s cost and risk from their loading on the means of transport.

In any event, for bulk, the transfer of risks shall take place at the end of the loading or unloading arm, at the place of delivery.

2.                  The unloading of the products shall take place under the sole responsibility of the buyer, even if the carrier participates in the operation.

3.                  The weights and measures taken on loading shall be binding evidence of the delivered quantity, unless proven otherwise by the buyer.

The quantities and unit prices shall be stated on the Seller’s invoices in Litres or in Kilos or in multiples of these units for lubricants and specialities delivered in bulk, in barrels, casks, jerricans, or containers, and per unit for other lubricants and specialities.

Packaged: The number and weight of packages appearing on the document of transport shall be controlled and approved by the buyer.

Bulk: The buyer must proceed, as the case may be, by gauging or weighing, with all necessary verifications at the time of delivery and, in particular, whether the buyer’s available storage volume is sufficient to receive the ordered quantities.

4.                  In the event of loss or damage or shortfall in product quantities, it shall be for the buyer to make all claims against the Seller within a maximum period of three (3) days, and mark all problematic items on the delivery note taken by the carrier.





Unless otherwise agreed by the Seller when the Order is placed, the products shall be payable immediately, without discount, by direct debit.

The Seller reserves the right, at any time, to fix to the buyer a cap of outstanding, to modify that cap, and/or to make the supply of the products subject to compliance with this cap and/or subject to the presentation of a guarantee, taking into account the payment term agreed by the Seller for the buyer.


If payments by Direct Debit are envisioned under the applicable specific conditions, information related to each Direct Debit shall appear on the instructions delivered by the buyer to authorize Direct Debits.


Each invoice received by postal mail or by any electronic means will advise the buyer that the payment will be made by Direct Debit on the due date specified on the invoice for payment. This invoice will serve as pre-notification of the Direct Debit mentioned on such invoice.



Any payment not made on due date shall give rise to the following, cumulatively.

·  the right to suspend or cancel any delivery to the buyer under any Order whatsoever,

·  all sums due, even if not yet payable, shall become immediately payable without prior formality,

·  for all sums not paid on due date and without any reminder being required, late payment interest shall apply, due from the day following the payment date appearing on the invoice, calculated at a rate equal the interest rate applied by the National Bank of Slovenia.

·  The Seller reserves the right to claim complementary compensation for all other costs caused by the late payment over and above said fixed amount, including at the time of transmission of the file to the Seller’s litigation and/or collection departments.

and/or collection departments.


Any payment of a part of any Seller’s invoice, in any manner whatsoever, including any credit amount arising from the recovery of products, shall be deemed as a payment of that part of the debt which does not benefit from a lien.





·  The transfer of title of the sold products to the buyer shall be subject to the full payment of the price, including the principal and all ancillary costs, regardless of the payment terms and conditions applied. Partial payment shall not give rise to notation and shall provide no derogation from this reservation of title clause.


·  From the transfer of risks to the buyer, the buyer shall in particular bear insurance against all risks of loss or damage or liability caused by or suffered by such products.

·  In order to enable identification of the products belonging to the Seller, the buyer must respect the trademarks and statements on packaging.


·  for its activity and even if it is prior to their full payment, the buyer is authorized to use the products for their transformation, consumption or resale. This right shall be fully and automatically withdrawn, without prior notice, in the event of failure to pay on due date irrespective of the cause for such failure to pay on due date.


·  The buyer shall transmit, upon seller’s request, the inventory of products still in its possession on due date or in the event of liquidation or insolvency proceedings. The products appearing on that inventory shall be deemed to be those which remain unpaid.

·  the Seller reserves the right to claim ownership of the products for as long as payment has not been made in full, even in the event of insolvency or liquidation proceedings. The products shall always be recovered at the buyer’s expense.

·  This reservation of title clause shall prevail over any other provision.



The MSDS are transmitted to the buyer and may be consulted over the Internet (www.quickfds.com).


The delivered products subject to Regulation EC No. 1907/2006 of 18 December 2006 (REACH Regulation) comply with the REACH Regulation in force on the date of their delivery, for those uses and under those conditions stated in the MSDS and/or in the Seller’s specifications. The Seller makes no representation or warranty and shall bear no liability for any other use, even if notified by the buyer, or any use not provided for in the MSDS and/or in the Seller’s specifications, or which does not comply with the provisions of the MSDS. In addition, no indemnity may be charged to the Seller due to the implementation of the REACH Regulation, in particular in the event of late delivery or interruption in supplies of products.



Any loss or damage affecting the products or any property of the Seller or of a third party, arising before, during or after the loading or unloading operations, caused by the buyer or any person acting under the buyer, shall be borne by the buyer. The products delivered by the Seller are compliant with the regulations in force, the buyer being solely responsible for their receipt, storage and use under conditions compliant with the applicable regulations.


No claim, demand or dispute concerning the non-conformity to the Seller’s specifications of the products delivered shall be accepted after the products have been checked and accepted by the buyer, without reserve noted in the delivery note.




·  Neither party shall be liable towards the other party for a breach, delay or non-performance of all or part of an Order if that failure is caused or due to an event which is reasonably beyond the control of the failing party.

·  Any delayed payment or failure to pay on the due date shall in no event be construed as an event of Force Majeure.

·  If an event that is reasonably beyond the control of the Seller is that there is a restriction on (i) supplies of raw materials or products from the Seller’s suppliers or (ii) the transport of raw materials or products, preventing the Seller from delivering the products in accordance with the Order, the Seller is entitled to suspend all or part of the Order for the time that it is so






Slovenian Law shall alone govern relations between the Seller and the buyer, with the exception of the conflict of laws rules.




(*) These GTCS have been drafted in Slovenian and translated in English. The Slovenian version shall prevail if there is any inconsistency between the two versions.

April 2015




Ti splošni pogoji poslovanja za prodajo (v nadaljevanju SPPP) se nanašajo na vsakršno prodajo s strani podjetja TOTAL ADRIA (v nadaljevanju prodajalec), razen če je pisno opredeljeno drugače ali če pri prodaji veljajo posebni dopolnitveni pogoji poslovanja. SPPP bodo v celoti in samodejno prevladali nad vsemi ostalimi predpisi, ki so določeni ali navedeni v dokumentih kupca, razen v primerih, ko prodajalec poda soglasje.


Opustitev pogodbenih strank zaradi kršenja predpisov SPPP ne bo tvorila opustitve nadaljnjega kršenja istih ali drugih predpisov.



Izdelki, ki so v času naročila ustrezno sprejeti s strani prodajalca (v nadaljevanju naročilo), so fakturirani po ceniku + DDV.


Vsakršna sprememba cen zaradi pravne ali zakonske spremembe (kakršnih koli davkov, sprememb logističnih cen itd.) se nemudoma upošteva in zabeleži na računu, če ta sprememba nastane pred dostavo izdelkov kupcu.


Prodajalec ima pravico do sprememb izdelkov, njihovih cen in razpoložljivosti brez predhodnega obvestila, vse dokler kupec ne odda naročila.



Pri oddaji naročila pod pogoji SPPP se kupec s pogoji popolnoma in brez zadržkov strinja. Čas dostave izdelkov se določi za vsako naročilo posebej.


Takoj ko prodajalec sprejme naročilo, naročilo zaveže kupca k prevzemu dogovorjene količine izdelkov znotraj dogovorjenega časa prevzema, v nasprotnem primeru ima prodajalec pravico, da kupcu zaračuna stroške skladiščenja izdelkov ali vrnitve izdelkov v vrednosti najmanj 250 EUR brez DDV za vsako naročilo posebej.


  1. Tveganje se s prodajalca na kupca prenese na kraju dostave in v skladu z veljavnimi predpisi DDP Incoterms® 2010, kot to definirata prodajalec in kupec. V nasprotnem primeru so izdelki odposlani na kupčeve stroške, prav tako se na kupca prenese tveganje pri natovarjanju na transportno sredstvo.

V vsakem primeru se za večji tovor prenos tveganja izvrši na koncu natovarjanja ali raztovarjanja na kraju dostave.

2.                  Raztovarjanje izdelkov poteka izključno na kupčevo odgovornost, tudi če prevoznik sodeluje pri raztovarjanju.

3.                  Teža in meritve, ki se jih izvede pri nakladanju, so obvezujoče dokazilo o dostavljeni količini, razen če kupec dokaže nasprotno.

Količina in cena enote sta navedeni na računu prodajalca v litrih, kilogramih ali večkratnikih teh enot za maziva in druge izdelke, ki so dostavljeni v velikih količinah, v sodčkih, sodih, ročkah, kontejnerjih ali po enotah.

Pakirano: Število in teža paketov, ki sta prikazana na transportnih dokumentih, sta nadzirana in odobrena s strani kupca.

Velike količine: Kupec se mora s tehtanjem, meritvami in potrebnim pregledom v času dostave prepričati, da njegovo skladišče vsebuje dovolj prostora za sprejem naročenih količin.

4.                  V primeru izgube, poškodbe ali pomanjkanja količine izdelka mora kupec vložiti zahtevo proti prodajalcu v roku treh (3) dni. Na dostavnem listu prevoznika mora kupec označiti vse sporne izdelke.








Plačilo izdelkov je takojšnje z direktno obremenitvijo in brez popustov, razen če v času oddaje naročila ni drugače določeno s strani prodajalca.

prodajalec ima pravico, da kupcu kadarkoli določi limit, da spremeni ta limit in/ali prilagodi dobavo izdelkov glede na ta limit in/ali glede na garancijo, pri tem pa se upošteva plačilne pogoje kupca.


Če so plačila predvidena z direktno obremenitvijo pod ustreznimi specifičnimi pogoji, so informacije, ki se nanašajo na vsako direktno obremenitev, prikazane na navodilih, ki jih prinese kupec za avtorizacijo direktne obremenitve.


Vsak prejeti račun po navadni pošti ali po elektronski poti seznani kupca, da mora plačilo izvršiti preko direktne obremenitve do dneva zapadlosti, ki je naveden na računu. Račun služi kot predobvestilo za direktno obremenitev za poravnavo računa.



Plačila, ki niso izvršena do datuma zapadlosti, so v skladu z naslednjimi določili:

·  pravica do opustitve ali preklica vsakršne dostave naročila kupcu;

·  vsi zapadli zneski, tudi če še niso bili poravnani, postanejo stvar takojšnjega plačila brez predhodne formalnosti;

·  pri vseh zneskih, ki niso poravnani do datuma zapadlosti brez potrebnega opomina, se zaračuna zamudne obresti, izračunane po obrestni meri, ki jo določa Banka Slovenije, od dneva, ki sledi datumu zapadlosti na računu;

·  prodajalec si pridržuje pravico do terjatve kompenzacije za vse stroške, ki so povzročeni zaradi poznega plačila nad določenim fiksnim zneskom, vključno s časom prenosa datoteke na pravdni in/ali izterjevalni oddelek prodajalca.



Vsakršno plačilo dela računa prodajalca na kakršen koli način, vključno z zneskom, ki nastane zaradi izterjave izdelkov, se šteje kot poplačilo tistega dela dolga, ki se ne koristi iz zaplembe.






·  prenos pravice prodanih izdelkov na kupca se upošteva po plačilu polne cene, vključno z glavnico in vsemi dodatnimi stroški in ne glede na veljavne pogoje poslovanja; delno plačilo ni zapisano in ne odstopa od klavzule pridržka pravice;


·  prenos tveganja na kupca pomeni, da kupec nosi zavarovanje proti tveganju izgube, poškodbe ali odgovornosti, ki bodo povzročene zaradi teh izdelkov;

·  kupec mora spoštovati blagovne znamke in izjave na embalaži, da se tako omogoči identifikacija izdelkov, ki pripadajo prodajalcu;



·  kupcu je za svoje potrebe in tudi pred polnim plačilom dovoljeno uporabljati izdelke za namen spremembe, potrošnje ali preprodaje. Ta pravica je samodejno, brez predhodnega obvestila in v popolnosti preklicana, če do zapadlega datuma ni izvedeno plačilo, ne glede na razlog neplačila;


·  kupec na prodajalčevo prošnjo posreduje seznam izdelkov, ki so še vedno v njegovi lasti na dan zapadlosti ali v primeru postopka likvidacije ali insolventnosti. Izdelki na tem seznamu se štejejo za neplačane;

·  prodajalec si pridržuje pravico zahtevati lastništvo nad temi izdelki do polnega odplačila teh izdelkov, tudi v primeru postopka likvidacije ali insolventnosti; izdelki so vedno izterjani na stroške kupca;

·  klavzula pridržka pravice prevlada nad vsemi ostalimi določbami.






VL se posredujejo kupcu in so na voljo na spletu (www.quickfds.com).


Dostavljeni izdelki, ki so v skladu z uredbo EC št. 1907/2006 z dne 18. decembra 2006 (uredba REACH), ustrezajo uredbi REACH, ki je v veljavi z dnevom dostave za vsakršno uporabo in pod pogoji, ki so navedeni v VL in/ali prodajalčevih specifikacijah. Prodajalec ne jamči in ni odgovoren za kakršno koli drugo uporabo, čeprav ga o tem obvesti kupec, ali za kakršno koli uporabo, ki ni navedena v VL in/ali prodajalčevih specifikacijah, ali uporabo, ki ni v skladu s predpisi VL. Prav tako ni mogoče od prodajalca terjati odškodnine zaradi izvajanja uredbe REACH, še posebej v primeru poznejše dostave ali prekinitve dobave izdelkov.




Kupec je odgovoren za vsakršno izgubo ali poškodbo, ki se nanaša na izdelke ali lastnino prodajalca ali tretje osebe, ki nastane pred, med natovarjanjem ali po natovarjanju oz. raztovarjanju in ki jo povzroči kupec ali oseba, ki deluje v imenu kupca. Izdelki, ki jih dostavi prodajalec, so skladni z veljavnimi uredbami; za njihov račun, skladiščenje in uporabo pod pogoji, ki so skladni z ustreznimi uredbami, je odgovoren izključno kupec.


Terjatve, zahteve ali pritožbe, ki se nanašajo na neskladnost prodajalčevih specifikacij dostavljenih izdelkov, ne bodo sprejete po pregledu in sprejetju kupca brez navedbe pridržka v dostavnem listu.





·  Nobena od pogodbenih strank ne odgovarja drugi pogodbeni stranki za kršenje, zamudo ali nedelovanje delnega ali celotnega naročila, če je do napake prišlo zaradi dogodka, na katerega stranka kršiteljica ne more vplivati;

·  vsakršno zamudno plačilo ali nezmožnost plačila do datuma zapadlosti se nikakor ne more šteti kot višja sila;

·  če je dogodek, na katerega prodajalec ne more vplivati, povezan z omejitvijo glede (i) dobave surovin ali izdelkov prodajalčevih dobaviteljev ali (ii) prevoza surovin ali izdelkov, ki prodajalcu preprečujejo dostavo izdelkov v skladu z naročilom, je prodajalec upravičen do prekinitve naročila delno ali v celoti za tisto obdobje, v katerem je veljala omejitev.






Odnose med prodajalcem in kupcem ureja samo slovenska zakonodaja, z izjemo konflikta zakonov.






(*) Ti SPPP so spisani v slovenščini in prevedeni v angleščino. V primeru nedoslednosti med obema različicama prevlada slovenska različica.


April 2015



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Z nadaljevanjem brskanja na tej spletni strani soglašate z uporabo piškotki, ki nam omogočajo, da analiziramo brskanje in merimo obiske obiskov, nudimo ciljane oglase, prilagojene vašim interesom in piškotkom, ki omogočajo skupno rabo spletne strani našega spletnega mesta z drugimi. Kadar koli lahko onemogočite uporabo piškotkov tako, da izberete primerne nastavitve na vašem spletnem brskalniku. Vendar se v primeru, da piškotke zavrnete, lahko zgodi, da nekatere lastnosti spletne strani ne bodo pravilno delovale. Navodila za spreminjanje nastavitev sledilnih elementov so v pravilniku o piškotkih in varstvu osebnih podatkov.